Signage for Banks

Brisscom provides an end to end digital signage management platform for Banks and financial institutions with enterprise level features
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Signage for Banks

Banks often have many financial products available that many customers underutilize or are not even aware of. Static displays regarding these services have a limited space to express their benefits. These static displays also tend to remain at a distance from customer interest.

Digital signage can use dynamic and engaging content to inform customers about financial services they may not have considered. Lengthier text, colorful animations and video demonstrations can all pique the customer’s interest and more fully explain how the services could be indispensable to someone in their situation.

Brisscom's digital signage integrated with live TV feed effectively enables banks to cross-sell and up-sell products/solutions like insurance, financial products, loan products, and other value added services. It provides the ability to deliver localized content and manage all the content from a centralized location, making it a successful communication strategy for banks.

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